Feb 28, 2011

Machine Guns

Definition of a machine gun: A fully automatic gun, portable or mounted, that fires ammo in succession. It uses a large capacity magazine or a ammunition belt.
aa52 mounted machine gun army

X-51 Hypersonic Cruise Missile - Mach 5

X-51 Hypersonic Cruise Missile - Mach 5
The Defense Department's Global Strike mission has produced the ultimate weapon.

At around 3600 Miles per hour the X-51 will reach Mach 5 and can hit any place on earth in under an hour.

The need for fast action is sure to arise in the near future, says the american military, with rumors of north korea planning a nuclear launch and biotoxins being stockpiled in Lebanon.
X-51 Hypersonic Cruise Missile - Mach 5
Tomahawk missiles are too slow. In 1998 the USS Abraham Lincoln Battle group launched Tomahawk cruise missiles at confirmed Intel location of al qaeda training strongholds and a possible Osama bin laden location.

The missiles were launched in the Arabian Sea from a Warship and flew 1100 miles to, Which took very close to 2 hours, and according to Richard Clarke, former leader of counter terrorism
in the U.S., they missed Ossama by under an hour. the X-15 would of had time to spare.

X-51 Hypersonic Cruise Missile - Mach 5
Unlike many ground missiles the Hypersonic X-51 missile will be launched from a B-52 Jet plane and boosted to supersonic speeds by a rocket and then hyper accelerated to hypersonic speed by a scram jet system.

With a 60 million dollar project budget the X51 should be in a war near you in no time

X-51 supersonic Cruise Missile - Mach 5
Diagram of the components of the X-51 Hypersonic cruise missile
X-51 Hypersonic Cruise Missile - Mach 5

Dadao 大刀 (Big Knife) - Chinese great sword

Dadao 大刀 Big Knife Chinese great sword sabre
Category: Chinese Saber (Dao)
Length: Between 2 and 3 feet long
Special characteristics: Broad lightweight blade, top weighted blades to increase swing force.
Hilt: at least a hand and a half commonly 2 hands
History: Certain versions of the Dadao were used in military combat but were most common used by civilian militia groups and ninja type secret groups
9 ring Dadao 大刀 Big Knife Chinese great sword armory
There are many variations including the 9 ring and the 5 ring da dao.

Below: The dadao great sword antique from 1933
Dadao 大刀 Big Knife Chinese great sword
Cold steel is known for replicating many ancient swords and they did a great job with the Da Dao.
The unique base of the Dadao is specific to this sabers hilt
Below: the great wall of china. The Dadao (chinese great sword) was hailed as "defender of the great wall"
great wall of china defended with Da Dao great sword
A young martial art student practises chinese kung fu with the 9 ring Da dao
young kung fu ninja practicing martial arts with dadao great sword saber
Ming and Qing Dynasties boast the Dadao as being a proud part of their history
Dadao 大刀 Big Knife Chinese great sword on soldiers during war japanese
Chinese soldiers had guns and great swords in the second sino-japanese war. While fighting the Japanese around the 1930's
Dadao 大刀 Big Knife Chinese great sword on soldiers during war japanese
The Dadao was such a deadly close combat weapon that it generally only took one precise strike to kill the enemy.
The Da Dao was so popular amongst the chinese soldiers that they had a marching song were the great sword was the main thing

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M16a1, M16a2, M16a3, M16a4 Assault Rifle AR15

M16-A1. Weapon Spec's at bottom of page
M16-A1 automatic rifle Vietnam war standard issue
Originally the AR-15 until Colt, weapons manufacturer, purchased the rights and renamed it the M16 Automatic Rifle
M16 A1 automatic rifle Vietnam war standard issue
4 different versions of the M16 ranging from the a1 to a4 are currently in production. As seen above, each gun can be equipped with a grenade launcher weapons mod, scope and many more
M16A1 automatic rifle Vietnam war standard issue
Maximum effective range of the M16a1 is 450 meters before ammo burnout
Many weapon mods are available. Above is a powerful sniper scope modification which adds accuracy to shooting at great distances.

The m16a1 began production in 1963.
Chambers bored to fire the M193 an M196 cartridges in early production and service.
Special forces troops were the first soldiers to carry the M16A1 in 1964.
Rifle Caliber 5.56 mm M16A2 us military favorite Automatic
The second version of the M16, the M16A2, was put into service in 1980.
Using select fire technology which means it could fire in 3 round bursts which was specifically requested by the marine corps.

Rifle Caliber 5.56 mm M16A2 us military favorite Automatic
The cartridge size increased, thanks to belgium designers, to the M855 and M856
The barrel was extended by 5/8's and the weight of the barrel was increased for balance reasons.
The Marine Corps, Air force, Coast guard and U.S. Navy, still to this very day, use the M16-A2
gas operated magazine fed assault rifle M16A3
Not much changed from the A2 to the A3. The M16A3 actually went back to the A1's firing control group and the detachable carrying handle that is used exclusively by the U.S. Navy.

gas operated magazine fed assault rifle M16A3
Grenade launcher Mod on the A3
gas operated magazine fed assault rifle M16A3
Close up of the stock on a M16-A3 Professional weapons training system the Systema
U.S. Air Force's rifle, the M16A4
The M16-A4 was first introduced and put into service during Operation Iraqi Freedom and was standard issue for the Marine Corps.
U.S. Air Force's rifle, the M16A4
Colt introduced variations of the M16 which increased range before burnout. This sniper mod was basically an extended barrel length and the addition of a sniper scope mounted on the slide
U.S. Air Force's rifle, the M16A4
A well used M16-A4. Picture taken by a soldier
M16a1, M16a2, M16a3, M16a4 Assault Rifle AR15
M16a1, M16a2, M16a3, M16a4 Assault Rifle AR15

Specs of the M16A2
Weight: 7.8 lb - 3.5 kg - unloaded
8.79 lb: 4.0 kg loaded
Length: 39.625 in - 1,010 mm
Barrel length: 20 in 508 mm
Cartridge: 5.56x45mm NATO
Action: Gas-operated, rotating bolt
Rate of fire: 12-15 rounds/min sustained, 45-60 rounds/min semi-automatic, & 700–950 rounds/min cyclic:
Muzzle velocity: 3,110 ft/s 948 m/s
Effective range: 550 Meters - point target, 800 Meters - area target
History of production
Designer: Eugene Stoner
L. James Sullivan
Designed in 1957
Colt Defense
FN Herstal
H & R Firearms
General Motors Hydramatic Division
Produced: 1960–Present
Number produced: ~8 million and counting

See the M16 5.56mm rifle on Colts official website

See all Assault Rifles

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Feb 27, 2011

Soviet-era ballistic blade projectile prototype

Soviet blade projectile prototype weapon

This is an interesting find. The soviet creation features a 4 and a half inch spring loaded blade that when triggered releases the knife head at an insane rate of force.

I cant see it working too well over a long distance but could prove very useful in close combat.
The last thing your victim would expect is for the blade of your knive to shoot out and pierce him.

Unfortunately we wont be seeing this weapon prototype going into production any time soon.

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Feb 26, 2011

Area Denial Weapons System - Metal Storm

Area Denial Weapons System - Metal Storm
Weapons manufacturer Metal Storm has perfected the Area denial weapons system (ADWS) and is proud to announce that after years of testing this smart technology weapon is soon to be part of the us military's arsonal

ADWS metal storm future weapon technology
Many sites claim that the ADWS fires 6000 bullets per minute but according to www.metalstorm.com it actually fires small grenades with smart technology that insures all ammunition explodes and none is left behind to endanger our side.

Area Denial Weapons System - Metal Storm grenade launching
Another selling point of the Area denial weapon system is its ability to adapt to any place it is needed. above the adws is mounted on a small tank like device to mobilize it. Due to its size and weight it must be mounted to an object and cannot be fired from a mans hand

Area Denial Weapons System Metal Storm
smart technology in action. Being tested and demonstrated in australia.
If the price tag was affordable I would set this up on my roof to discourage solicitors.

Below is the weapon in action on video

Area denial weapon system on metal storm site

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Warrior Women fantasy art part 1

female samurai warrior fantasy women art heavy metal
Heavy metal art women are some of my favorite drawings. I have been reading the magazine for at least a decade and was lucky to stumble upon an old comic store selling hundreds of the mags for pennies a pop

heavy metal art women fantasy art warrior women
Female viking warriors were some of the first to fight there way into the history books. While the viking males are off pillaging and raping foreigners. The housewives were forced to stay home and defend the property from outside threats
sexy female warrior illustrated art pictures
fantasy art warrior women have been frolicking in the minds of men for ages. Something about a woman strapping on weapons and braving the amazons cutting down any enemy in their path is erotic to say the least
amazon women warriors pictures female fighter soldier
fantasy warrior woman with dual assault rifles and the bare minimum of armor for the viewers pleasure. Not sure how effective it would be in real combat
pictures female warriors fantasy art
Bloody lingerie and a massive skull on this female warriors head are both intimidating and sexy at the same time. A combo unseen till now

fantasy warrior women art fantastic fighting female
This sexy female warrior, created by one of the many heavy metal magazine illustrators, is the first in a series titled: Amazon warriors women. The series features a beautifully drawn cast of females all deadlier then the next who frolic through the amazons treacherous jungles battling forces of evil
heavy metal women warrior pictures and illustrations
A break from the illustrated woman above is a warrior women fantasy art muse. One who poses in different positions to inspire the artist and help fuel creativity

Fantasy warrior women are often depicted with exaggerated features and minimized armor. Tattoos, scars and blood stains change an ordinary girl into a menacing creation that intrigues and intimidates. Dark scenery and filthy torn garments only accentuate the milky white and smooth skin leaving a small trace of femininity that separates a sexy Aztec warrior princess from a mean butch that could easily pass for a lesbian.
aztec women warriors female amazons
Female warriors exist throughout history, Joan of Arc and Jeanne Hachette come to mind, and still they maintain feminine traits by raising families and doing motherly deeds. To find more pictures female warriors throughout history check out Wikipedia's list of famous female warriors
celtic warrior women fantasy artistic drawings and graphics
The above Aztec warrior princess is one of Heavy metal magazines most prized creations. She is the star of the ongoing series and has hacked and sliced through many a worthy foe. I would love to see a full movie created based on this fantasy art female warrior
pictures of ancient warriors women females
the native warrior above is a creation from one of the many artists who showcase their artwork on Deviant Art - fantasy art section. No where on the net, that I have found, holds a larger collection of amazing works created by some of the greatest illustrators alive.
aztec princess warrior woman fantasy art pictures
Sept 2004's issue of Heavy Metal Magazine, the adult illustrated fantasy magazine's cover artwork is brilliant. From the great color selection to the very fine detail in all of this warriors weapons and armor this is truly a masterpiece.

Warrior Women fantasy art part 1

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Being an avid reader of the magazine I have found myself often daydreaming of a fantasy world where sexy female warriors run ramped using and abusing the meek males of this torturous world.

The day of the warrior woman arrives and I am a week helpless man being abused by the ancient and evil beasts who feast on the souls of the weak. Just when I think I can take not another menacing advance a gorgeous and fantastic warrior woman leaps out of the dark shadows dressed in skimpy lingerie and a tiny amount of armor barely, and sometimes not at all, covering her feminine anatomy. A large and shimmering sword clutched tight in her delicate hand deadly and sexy at the same time. She dances fluttering across the desolate terrain slicing, stabbing and shrieking at my foe's, cutting them down one by one until they all lay in a bloody heap just a dark shadow in my past that shall plague me no more thanks to my dark warrior princess. She throws me a glance sensing I am no threat as she makes her way over to where I lay cowering, beaten and reduced to a shell of a man, on the ground in a pile of my own self pity. After placing her weapons back in their holdings and scanning the scenery to make sure there are no more threats, she extends her hand to help me from the ground. Staying true to the dominating fantasy warrior woman image she demands reward for her heroic life saving intervention in the form of sexual gratitude and I willingly comply.

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Feb 25, 2011

Big Dog - military experiments

Big Dog - military experiments
The Big Dog is a genius creation by the u.s. military originally created to carry supplies through and over almost anything in its way.

It uses a gyroscopic laser precision internal navigation system to create one of the most stable units possible.

Big Dog smart weapon technology military advancements
Sanjiv Singh is one of the creators who worked on this technology. His main contribution was the laser driven control system.

Big Dog military technology horse
3.3 feet high, 3.2 feet long and weighing in at 165 pounds.
Gasoline powered and Hydraulic driven
Big Dog weapons of war science project
An artists rendering of what the BigDog would look like trotting beside soldiers in a war.
Rather than the soldiers strapping the weight to their backs, like in all previous war engagements, this small horse like robot can carry up to 250 pounds without affecting its balance or mileage

Big Dog - military smart weapons technology
Early tests involved the Bigdog being controlled by remote.
Interesting Bigdog video shows the beast being kicked rather hard in the side and though it stumbles it never loses its balance. You can also see this military experiment climbing over a mountain of bricks, trickily manuveuring over an icy patch of road and gracefully climbing up a snowy hill.

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