Nov 19, 2011

Gun knife combination weapons advanced warfare

 It takes two hands to hold a gun and a knife. It takes one bad ass hand to hold a Gun-Knife!

Enter the Gunknife a lethal weapon for distance and hand to hand combat. Ever since the first gun was invented someone was designing a way to attach a blade to it. Rifles in war have had knives and swords attached to them so when you run out of bullets or just feel like stabbing the shit outta your enemy you have that option with the same weapon.

You can find many gun blade hybrid weapons for sale online but be careful because many designs like this are just replicas or fantasy weapons. Did a local search for such an item and came up blank on working models but a flood of fantasy weapons are available and cheap.

Above: the glock with a weak looking blade attached to it. Nothing more than a gimmick.
above: replica of an actual weapon found in sunken pirate ship in the ocean.


Travis Burke said...

havent they already had knives attached to guns for a long time? bayonets have been around for a few hundred years. Ive seen some pretty cool tactical knives attached to guns though. On a trip i took to israel, one of the instructors had a badass Galil MAR with a small bayonet attachment. I saw him do some crazy things to a dummy with that. The trip was just awesome overall, a lot of really cool stuff that they use in the israeli special forces. You should check it out

Travis said...

Lol, gun-knives still kinda exist. theres tons of guns that can have a bayonette attachment. I shot a bunch of guns while on a tour in israel, a few of which had the attachment as a possibility, but of course, none of them had it. They were all guns that the special forces units use. The instructors were all ex special forces officers. we got to throw grenades, learn krav maga and even go skydiving too! it was all through a company called lionops.

Heres a video of what they do:

Anonymous said...

gunknives have been around since they started making cannons hand held waaaaay b4 the flintlock ever was invented even awesomer.... is the gun-BATTLE AXE!!!
p.s.-that "glock" is actually a CZ-75 and an attached tactical block with or without the scooter stick (detachable bayonet)

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