Nov 9, 2011

Alternative uses for weapons. Art and furniture

ak 47 lamp made of silver weapons art
Ak-47 lamp in gold and silver. These are actually for sale but sold by an artist and not cheep.
ak 47 lamp made of silver weapons art
Kind of an eye sore. antelope with m-16 assault rifles as antlers.
antelope taxedermy m16 art
Only in america you will find a giant pistol thats actually a working bbq. Manly appliances.
BBQ pistol working stove weapons art
Here boy. I have a box of old broken guns and parts I might try to weld into a nice sculpture like this gun dog weapon art.
dog sculpture made out of guns
elephant made out of guns art
m-16 spider gun art and elephant creation very interesting pieces
spider made out of m-16 rifles gun art
table made out of guns weapon art
chair made out of guns weapons art
Most weapons are melted down when they brake and formed into either more weapons or other metal devices.

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