Sep 8, 2011

Top Ten Assassins Weapons

#1 Bombs

car bomb explosion picture weapon of the assassin mob
One of the favorite weapons of the mob is the car bomb. Assassinate your victim and send a message at the same time. So who wants to start my car??

#2 Sniper Rifle
sniper rifle denel 22 super assassin
One of the most common weapons of the modern day assassin is the sniper rifle like the Denel ntw-20 20 mm anti materiel sniper rifle in the picture above.
It allows the assassin to maintain a safe distance

#3 Poison
small bottle of poison art
Who done it? The perfect weapon for the assassin who wants to remain at the party and watch his victim choke to death from poison and no one have a clue who the killer is. Another murder mystery. The artwork above is Stock - Poison bottle by the talented Deviant art artist rockgem

#4 Predator drone
predator drone assassin of the us army
The US has already used this unmanned war plane to kill many suspected prominent al Qaeda members without puting a single soldier in harms way.

#5 Hand Gun
hand guns leon the professional assassin movie
Perhaps the most effective close range weapon of the assassin is the hand gun. Being loud and sometimes messy makes it more difficult for a clean get away.

#6 Knife
knife for close assassin killing
Perhaps it would take the most balls to walk up and stab your victim to death with a knife

#7 Rocket launcher
rocket launcher arnold s
Made famous by Brigette Mohnhaupt (below) in her battle against Capatilism
sword screen shot from ninja assassin

#8 Sword
Preferred weapon of the ninja assassin the mighty sword slays many victims up close and personal. (Above) A screen shot from the popular movie Ninja Assassin

#9 Blow Dart/Dart Gun
blow dart gun assassin weapon
Popularized by early indigenous natives and modernized by using Co2 instead of lung power. The dart itself does not inflict much injury but poison added to the tip makes it an effective killing tool.

#10 Bow and Arrow/ Crossbow
bow and arrow crossbow weapon of ancient japanese assassin
Not the most effective tool of the assassin but ancient Japanese killers felt it brought honor to a dark profession

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