May 19, 2011

Weapons related GIF images part 2


Short letter written by Devin Longe from quentin state penitentiary where he is serving a life time sentence for 3 counts of first degree murder. Warning: Profanity and violence

I did not give a fuck. First dude i killed didnt even faze me one bit. I emptied my clip into him and had a smile on my face the whole fuckin time. And swear to god I aint never felt bad about for even a second. Second dude I killed I did feel a bit bad but only cause he was my brother. He deserved it though and probly woulda killed me if I hadnt killed him.
Doctor says I got a chemical imbalance in my brain. Same kinda shit serial killers have. I told him naw thats just a result of growin up in the hood. I seen my first murder at the age of 4. growing up we was taught its kill or be killed. Thats the street and gang mentality in compton and just a part of life for us. Doctor said that might be the case but you are still imbalanced. I said "what" you insultin me doc. I snatched the pencil off his desk and smashed it through his eye. That was the third murder charge they stuck me with but it'd be 50 charges if they knew all the bodies I left behind.

Just wanted to say Im sorry for nothin and Id do it all again.

signed: Devin Longe

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