May 16, 2011

Setotaishō - Demon Samurai Warrior from 3rd Hell

Setotaishō - Demon Samurai Warrior from 3rd Hell
Image Source: Aegis by *Damascus5 Amazingly brilliant artist

Setotaishō - Created from the souls of 1000 Samurai warriors who died in battle, met in the 3rd level of hell and formed together to create the ultimate Demon Samurai and take over the 3rd level. The 1000 souls promised freedom to a murderous sorcerer in return for his crafting indestructible armor that could house all the souls and contain and harness the evil monstrous power they combined created.

Army - Setotaishō stands alone in battle but the 1000 souls he consists of often leave his invincible armor and terrorize whoever is unlucky enough to stand in their way.
Every single soul belonged to a ruthless and bloodthirsty Japanese Samurai warrior who died in battle proudly. He had to have taken at least 500 lives in his lifetime and not felt a single emotion while doing so. Any samurai with a good heart would never make it to hell or at least not the 3rd level which was the level infested with the most evil murderers of the world.

First seen in battle: Berith, the great duke of hell who governs 30 legions and was the original ruler of the 3rd level of hell was considered an immovable force, a genius military leader and though many challenged him none had ever come close to defeating him.

The strongest and wisest soul of the thousand belonged to the military master Sun Tzu who spent every second he was in hell devising a master strategy to defeat Berith. Every time hell reached another million souls Berith would have to work to expand the 3rd level and it was then that Setotaishō (led by the soul of Sun Tzu) unleashed a furious attack that left no room for error.

The 1000 souls fought flawlessly and the battle lasted almost 100 days and nights until Berith was overwhelmed and destroyed. The sorcerer who created the armor was rewarded and released back to earth to exist as an immortal and terrorize the living. Setotaishō spends his time creating new and brutal tortures to entertain himself and has been planning to expand his stronghold and possibly take over another level of hell.

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