May 18, 2011

Brunhild - Skull Warrior Queen

Brunhild Skull Warrior Queen

Brunhild - Wears the skull of a god on her head that grants her god like powers. She seduced a god with her beauty, caused him to temporarily give up his immortality in order to sleep with her and she then murdered him in the middle of their sexual encounter.

She had the skull of the god permanently welded to her own skull but the union of her mortal skull and the god skull made her insane with power and immortal. Filled with insane raging power she set out on a mission to challenge and destroy every single warrior who claims authority over anything.

Army - Brunhild has used the help of an evil sorcerer to clone weaker versions of herself. She sends them into battle one by one against an enemy until the enemy is fatigued, then Brunhild easily destroys her victim with godlike warrior ferocity.

First seen in battle - After Brunhild murdered the god for his skull the gods god brother challenged her to battle to avenge his brothers death. Brunhild sent clone after clone until the God had slayed nearly 1000 of them. Sensing the God was growing tired she stepped into battle herself. A strange thing happened when their swords first clashed: No two gods birthed from the same vagina are able to fight and since the god skull had bonded to her own skull they were blasted/thrown miles apart as soon as a hateful strike occurred. They both accepted the fight could never happen and went their own ways.

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