May 5, 2011

30 most powerful mafias and criminal organizations

A criminal gang is an organized enterprise that performs criminal activity.
The first criminal gang was thought to have manifested in 1820 called the "40 Thievs" and today thousands of crime gangs of all sizes exist world wide.

Cosa Nostra - Sicilian Mafia

  • The Sicilian Mafia first manifested in the 1940's
  • Cosa Nostra translates to "Our thing"
  • The FBI coined the term La Cosa Nostra
Carlo Don Carlo Gambino first mafia boss of cosa nostra
Above: Carlo "Don Carlo" Gambino. Born August 24, 1902 Died of a heart attack on October 15, 1976.
  • Carlo Gambino was the mafia boss of the Gambino crime family and after 1957 seized control of the commission of la Cosa Nostra in the U.S.
Joseph Joey Bananas Bonanno
Above: Joseph 'Joey Bananas' Bonanno. One of the most famous Sicilian Mafioso's that fled from Sicily to New york were he built an empire for himself

Sicilian Mafia Hierarchy diagram picture
Salvatore Riina most powerful Sicilian Mafia boss
Above: Salvatore Riina was the most powerful Sicilian Mafia boss during the 1980's who worked his way up to a deputy of the boss and eventually the main boss

Giovanni Falcone left and Paolo Borsellino magistrates against the Mafia murdered
Above: Giovanni Falcone (left) and Paolo Borsellino. Two magistrates who led a campaign against the Mafia and were murdered for their efforts.

Russian Mafia - Russkaya Mafiya (Russian)

  • Russian Mafia claims territory in the former Soviet states and has major crime strongholds in Israel and the United States
  • Criminal activity includes extortion, arms trafficking, cyber crimes, human sex trades, fraud and much more
  • Bratva - Братва, is Russian street slang meaning Brotherhood. All russian mafia groups and syndicates are referred to as Bratva
  • The fall of the Soviet Union in 1991 forced the Russian Mafia to step up and become a super power that governs and exists in every aspect of Russian Society
Vyacheslav Ivankov powerful russian mafia member
Vyacheslav Ivankov powerful russian mafia member
Above 2 pictures: Vyacheslav Ivankov. Godfather of the Russian mafia. Currently serving 9 and a half year prison sentence for extortion and other charges.
Russian mafia crime bosses tattoos
Russian Mafia organized crime syndicate
  • Law officials say that in the past 30 years the russian mafia and russian crime families have grown so large and their criminal endeavors so vast that they may now be larger than the Cosa Nostra
  • The Russian mafia will kill any one. A New york police officer was quoted as saying "They will shoot you just to see if there gun works" Unlike the Cosa Nostra who has a rule that they do not go after cops because it causes to many problems.

Serbian Mafia

  • The Serbian Mafia worked with the Italian Mafia to dominate the illegal cigarette smuggling operations and made billions doing so
  • Serbian criminal enterprises are most active in the European Union (EU) Countries
  • The Serbs offered affordable contract killing and rarely discriminated where the contracts came from
  • Serbian criminals were often recruited to a state security force called "Red Berets".

Ljuba Zemunac Godfather and crime boss of the Serbian Mafia
Above: Ljuba Zemunac, Godfather and crime boss of the Serbian Mafia from 1970 to the mid 1980's when he was killed by a rival gang leader Goran Vuković "Majmun".

Kristijan Golubović operated Serbian Mafia in GreeceKristijan Golubović operated Serbian Mafia in Greece
Above: Kristijan Golubović operated Serbian Mafia territory in Greece before being arrested for stealing expensive sports cars and being involved in serious armed robberies.
Slobodan Milošević the President protected the Serbian Mafia
Above: Slobodan Milosevic, Serbian president who protected the Serb Mafia and reaped massive rewards and favors from the crime family. Smuggling cigarettes and oil was there main business.
In 2000 he was arrested and charged with 66 counts of genocide and crimes against humanity for his evil involvement in the Bosnian genocide incident.

Israeli Mafia

  • Israeli Mafia is one of the few criminal organizations that has NOT succeeded in corrupting law officials, judges and the police force. Al Capone on the other hand was famous for his corrupting abilities and having everyone in his pocket so to speak.
  • The Israeli mafia is directly responsible for the largest gold/jewelry robbery in Manhattan's history after getting away with well over 4 million dollars worth.
  • Ecstasy pills trafficking was on the top money grossing projects this mafia undertook and its rumored they even supplied the Gambino crime families under boss Sammy Gravano. U.S. customs states the Israeli Mafia is on top of the multi billion dollar ecstasy ring and the 7 million pills they have confiscated didn't even dent the flow of pills.
  • Ex Soviet Crime organizations in Israel flourished when massive amounts of Russian Jews immigrated to Israel in 1989.
  • Abergil Crime Family was the most notable in the Israeli Mafia
Israeli Mafioso Ron Gonen
Above: Israeli Mafioso Ron Gonen
Below: Surveillance photos of Israeli Mafia members collected by the FBI in the ongoing fight against criminal organizations and crime
Ran Efraim and Shumka largest heroin importers in new york city Israeli Mafia
Above: Ran Efraim and Shumka. Members of the Israeli Mafia. Largest importers of heroin into New York City in the 1980’s. Both men were ruthless and would kill for nothing.
Ran Efraim Ron Gonens best friend Israeli mafia
Above: Ran Efraim. Ron Gonen’s best friend and second in command. Israeli mafia
Josi Joe Reisch Israeli mafia
Above: Josi “Joe” Reisch (with glasses) seen with lower level mafia members
Elio Hana joined Ran Ephraim Israeli mafia
Above: Elio Hana and Ran Ephraim were responsible for the hit that would cause the downfall of theIsraeli Mafia
Ran Efraims wife Israeli mafia
Above: Ran Efrains wife above was not an innocent victim of the mafia. She played an important roll and lied to authorities to the very end to protect her husband

Albanian Mafia

  • Albania has 15-30 different organized crime families or clans from the same mafia enterprise. Around 20 members per family that means the Albanian Mafia in Albania alone consists of around 300-600 members.
  • The Rudaj Organizationi s the largest and most famous Albanian mafia named after the crime boss Alex Rudaj
  • The Albanian mafia functions like a military organization. They attack with short precise strikes to avoid police presence.
  • In 2004 the FBI arrested 22 members of the Albanian mafia including the boss Alex Rudaj which crippled if not extinguished the clan.

Alex_Rudaj on 15 April 2003 albanian mafia boss
Above: FBI footage of Alex Rudaj on 15 April 2003 Albanian Mafia boss
fbi footage of albanian mafia club
Above: More FBI surveillance of Albanian Mafia members outside headquarters
adivina marzo2006 miri pata albanian mafiaGjelosh Lelcaj albanian mafia soldier arrested
Above left: Miri Patani, high on the fbi's most wanted list for an enormous list of criminal activities. Right: Gjelosh Lelcaj albanian mafia soldier arrested during a robbery

Indian Mafia
Rama Naik Don of the indian mafia underworld mumbai
Above: Rama Naik Don of the indian mafia underworld mumbai territory. Not much info on him and almost no pictures. He prefers to remain secret and underground.

Above 3 pictures: Dawood Ibrahim Current Indian Mafia boss


Corsican Mafia

Turkish Mafia

Mexican Drug Cartel

Columbian Drug Cartel

Chinese Triads

Irish Mob

Japanese Yakuza

Jamaican-British Yardies

Malaysian Mamak Gang

Turkish Mafia

British Crime Families





Nazi Low riders

Latin Kings

Vice Lords

Gangster Disciples

Hell's Angels

Mara Salvatrucha - MS13

Napolitan Camorra

Calabrian Ndrangheta

Sardinian kidnappers


Anonymous said...

Lucky luciano coined the phrase cosa nostra. Fbi had nothing to do with it

nisi said...

false information !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1. there dont excist somthing like a serbian "mafia" these are just a few little gangs and jewelery thievs but they are not more actice today

2. alex rudaj is not the boss of the albanian mafia

the albanian mafia has no boss

and the rudaj organisation is not the largest and the most famous albanian clan

3. nobody knows how many clans the albanian mafia got even the fbi doesnt

the only thing that is known is that there are 50 clans which only controle albania so there are aloooot of more than 600 members

here you can read the names of the 50 clans

4. the fbi says that the albanian mafia is one of the top 3 in the world

interpole says that they are the second largest mafia organisation in the world

but they are the biggest mafia organisation in europe

they controle 30% of world drug trafficking

they have even kicked the italians in italy out of the business

uMs said...

this is funny .. the first picture u posted under dawood ibrahim is a local film actor . his name is sudeep .. acting in kannada films ...
he has nothing to do with mafia..poor guy

Anonymous said...

this list is completely wrong... Only 3 mafia organizations exist who fit under :mafia;,

1Russian Mob
2Albanian mob
3Italian Mob

these 3 are active worldwide, the rest are just small fish who work in their own continents...

notable mentions:
mexican drug cartels

biggest threat of them all though is Israeli organized crime, they control hollywood, and the USA.. so they can do anything they want anywhere.... but a head to head against the albanians or russians would be the end to israeli mafia

Anonymous said...

Who ever said the Albanians have kicked the Italians asses in Italy is very much mistaken!!!! For example let's take the Ndrangheta.

Last year Interpol reckons they had a turnover in excess of 44 Billion euro, every last grain of coke that comes in to europe they get their slice of it!!!!!

Italians and Albanians tend to work together!!!! Of course there will be the odd gun fight!!!

I believe the albanians are taking on the Kurdish Baybasins these days, good luck with that!!!! I would'nt like to take the main heroin exporters on the planet!!!!

Anonymous said...

giovani siciliani hanno fraintendere queste informazioni. viva sicilia. ma questa è disinformazione bene. abbastanza della mancanza di rispetto italiana. permette di vivere per il mondo.

Anonymous said...

man albanian mafia is the second in the world,
serbian dont even have a boss and alex rudaj isnt albanian boss
there are more then 600 members and more clans
im albanian and i must tell albanian mafia will kick your ass even for the smallest problem
and theyre very dangerous for vengeance

Anonymous said...

the albanian mafia is weak and the way they have this set up is correct these russians and italians and serbs are huge today and will be for many generations to come i get a kick out of these albanians on here lol they think they are tough in the under world but in fact your not.

Anonymous said...

albanians on here are a joke they think they are so tough but albanians are not the way they have this posted is true except the albanians should not be in the top 10 the chinese are stronger and columbians should be there in the top 10 not these albanians lol

Anonymous said...

look at these albanians commenting on here like they know who is the strongest and who is not .listen up you albanians this post is from the world police and not from your little country of nobodys. if you dont know the russians are the strongest and the italians and serbs. i have been reading about orginized crime for a long time and the top 3 are correct but you albanians should not be in the top 10 anymore because your groups have fallen and gotten weaker your more like thieves like gypsys are just strong in your native albania.

Anonymous said...

albanians are not even in the top 10 in reality ,these albanians talk on this site like they know what the fbi know, lol but reality is the top 3 are correct because i have friends that know police and they say those top 3 are the strongest. so to you albanians stop crying and do what you do best cry and pretend and just stick to your pick pocket jobs and putting little albanian girls in the streets thats all i ever read about you guys...

gandhi said...

Kya re dawood ebrahim muje bhi don bana le re baba

gandhi said...

Kya re dawood ji aap toh bahut hi bade star ho gaye ho

gandhi said...

Hi mai apse milana chahta hoo

Anonymous said...

albanians are pathetic their mob is more of girl traffacking and most of the woman are albanians anyway .albanians are not that strong in the underwolrd russians,serbs and italians are tho most ruthless today and tommorow i read about this all the time and a friend of mine knows the RCMP and they have talks about the under world and they say the russians and serbs are dominate they are huge and to the funny albanians on here your not what you think you are...

Anonymous said...

I hear that the CIA are pretty big.

Anonymous said...

I'm a Jewish business man who operates in new York city. My widest brother is one of the highest ranked FBI agents and indeed these albanians are not lying about the albanian mafia. It is the fast and strongest growing mafia in the world. In ten years FBI projects the albanian mafia of controlling 90% of heroin trade in Europe and 35% in the US. As of right now Russian mafia has the most members. Albanian mafia is also recognized as the most ruthless mafia in the world today with the strongest code of silence due to all clans being family members. Italian mafia prior to the 80s can never be match though .... Italian mafia and Albanian mafia in.Europe consider each other brother mafia organizations due to very similar structures and traditions. Albanian mafia right now are the biggest smugglers in the world. Good day

Anonymous said...

I think if Pablo Escobar didnt die he would be at the top of thislist and also the KurdisH Baybasin are running %95 of Heroin exportation in London with an estimated worth of £25 Billion, and the Albanian mafia is trying to make an effort in the business too but the Baybasin is blocking their path. I live in the london and i see these things, the Albanian mafias and Kudish mafias sometimes has wars in London but obviously the Baybasin is running the business.

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