May 1, 2011

10 very funny gun accident videos

Though extremely dangerous I find it very funny to see people who are not prepared for the power of the gun they are holding.

The classic prank is to have a wife or girlfriend, who is not aware of the massive recoil produced by a shotgun, rifle or a powerful handgun, fire the weapon in a gun range or any controlled environment. Of course you must get the whole thing on tape so that she can relive the event indefinately. Also you must hope the force from the gun does not recoil so harshly that it inflicts bodily harm to her like a broken nose, black eye or a dislocated shoulder.

My favorite accident is the second last video clip of the old man with the beard. The pistol flies right out of his hands and he did not look like a weakling or a moron who was not holding the gun properly. cant really see what gun he is holding and the videos description does not say. Maybe it is the Most powerful production pistol in the world the Smith and Wesson 500.

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