Apr 6, 2011

Nuclear weapons

Little Boy Nuclear bomb - Hiroshima

The first nuclear bomb ever used in war
The Russians know how to do it bigger and badder

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Anonymous said...

the head scientist hoo was helping create the tzar bomb nocht it down to a between 30 or 60 megaton because he lookt at our castle bravo nuke test look up reports of castle bravo it went prety bad and faild the scientists in the bunker not that far from the test in the hawian aREA were in boxers and tank tops in the bunker cuz it was sooo hot with no radioactive gear or hazmat suits in the bunker wen the bomb went of thay miscalkulated wat the size would be and then the radiantion started to seap into thayr concret bunker wich was i forger around 5 or 6 or more feet of concret and 6 foot solid steel dooors with lead and the radiation meters started to go bezerk outside bunker thay started to rise inside the bunker and the highest rankt officer in there forget his name agen and thay radiod in for a emediet evac and thay came to pick them up and thay have no pretective suits so the officer got and idea thay cut holes in the bed sheets for eyes and secerly tied them around them selvs and ran to evac pad in front of bunker that was castle bravo and only 15 megatons and russia was gonna go 80 megatons and thayr head scientist sabetogd it basicly and nocht down to 40 mega wen he saw castle bravo report and that night thay dropt it thay hand pickt a flight crew to drop the bomb and the crew knew thay would die thay were named heros and thay flew in dropt it barely made it out thay lived tho kater in the knight it raind radioactive water and the head scientists frned fell aslleep on the street and got miner radianton poisoning and the scientist was the nukes worst enemy he conducted reports and started to try and ban nukes thats the story of the tzar bomb just rememberd the tzar was like 56 mega tons it was supposed to be 80 but like i sed hav efun

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