Apr 6, 2011

Disclaimer & Site Policies

I assume that all images on this site have come from a creative commons source and there for is free for public use.

If I have used your image and it is not in the creative commons category and would not like me to use it or would just like a link to you in recognition I would be glad to. Send me an email.
thank you. Beaslebub@gmail.com

Please leave me a comment below if your image has been used against your will and you have not received proper credit or would prefer your image removed. Let me know which post it is on and describe the image briefly and I will be happy to make you happy.

Thank you


ant said...

hi, my hubby is a collector and i am wanting to get him a tiny working gun for the holidays, where can i purchase one? thank you

Cindy said...

Hi, im looking for a 357 four barrel handgun...i need to find one for my husband his b-day is coming up and he's been wanting one. Thanks

Mr. Fukyooson said...

Your blog is bad and you should feel bad about it.

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