Mar 26, 2011

Top Ten Fantasy Warriors

Soldier 7 - Warrior force army project top ten fantasy warriors
Human brain in a million dollar robot body. New warriors for future armies

10 Andor Dark Warrior Lord of Sick Forest
Known for insane torture methods this dark warlord makes refuge in the darkest shadows of Sick Forest with his Death Plague army.
Ragnar - Wise Warrior God from 4th Heaven

Half Demon half God warrior. Ruler of the 4th level of heaven. Has a massive army of 2.3 million dead human slaves

Setotaishō Demon Samurai Warrior from 3rd Hell

Indestructible armor encasing the souls of 1000 Brutal Samurai warriors who came together in hell led by the soul of Sun Tzu
A mortal made immortal and given god like powers by the God skull welded to her own skull. Also insane with blood lust

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