Mar 16, 2011

Taser gun prototype modification

Taser gun prototype modification
Debra was a smart girl, at least that's what the boys who wanted to get in her pants told her, and she new smart girls protected themselves. She took all the self defense classes and karate classes she could but she still felt vulnerable to male advances. Her boyfriend had bought her a small can of mace but she felt that would most likely just piss her attackers off and cause herself more damage.

"You'll get raped for sure... and robbed. You'll be lucky if you live through it". Debra's Grandma spat out the last few words. She was clearly talking to the plant on the mantle beside Debra but Debra was too amused to correct her. "You are too over dramatic Grandma, we're just going to the bar for a few drinks, not moving to Compton".

5 minutes goes by and the Grandmother is unflinchingly staring at the plant. Deb considers checking her pulse and then the Grandma jump starts back to life again reaches into her purse, while mumbling some jiberish, and pulls out, what looks to Deb like some futuristic weapon.

"The Mac 8 shocker, take down a 300 pound man with one zap" Grandma hands the taser to the plant and Deb intercepts.

"First sign of meanness, shock him in the penis " Deb chucked while tucking the taser into her purse and leaving for the bar feeling a whole lot safer.

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Eeep! TASER Guns! said...

Slick drawing. What game is this from?

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