Mar 26, 2011

Soldier 7 - Warrior force Army project

Soldier 7 - Warrior force Army project

Soldier 7 - The seventh and last Soldier series designed in the Warrior force army project.
Each Soldier was in fact just a robot with a human brain. Scientists determined that the brain was able to last at least twice as long as a human soldiers combat capable lifespan. The robot/suit has super human strength about 100 times that of a normal human soldier and can take some serious damage before shutting down.

Army - Each Soldier 7 unit costs 1.5 million dollars. The high cost is due to the extremely advanced technology and armor material. This limits the budget of the Army and permits them to have and maintain 1000 soldiers.

First seen in battle - Still unseen in battle. For now they serve as the personal guards to the third king of the dark Gods realm.

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