Mar 28, 2011

Shock trooper multi barrel gatling gun

AeonFlux_Shock Trooper Gatling gun Rifle
This Multi barrel rifle is seen exclusively in the movie Aeon Flux. It is a non functioning weapon made just for this movie and all action scenes it is used in used special effects to create the illusion of shooting seen in the movie
Shock trooper multi barrel gatling gun
This weapon was comprised entirely of plastic and aluminum and weighed just over 5 pounds.
Shock trooper multi barrel gatling gun
The shock trooper soldiers seen carrying the shock trooper rifle are the usual mindless enemy you see in most movies. A little to bad at aiming and often a week karate chop from a skinny female heroine is enough to render them unconscious on the floor.
Shock trooper multi barrel gatling gun
I have seen the movie Aeon Flux and I thought it was a good representation of what the future may look like. The futuristic weapons, armor and vehicles push the boundaries of science fiction well still remaining some what plausible.

This multi barrel assault rifle, though completely a fantasy weapon and movie prop, does have many similar looking but fully functioning guns in reality.
The closest would have to be the Minigun - Gatling type Multi barrel machine gun .
At 2-6000 shots per minute this gun could cut through a tree with little effort.

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