Mar 26, 2011

Ragnar - Wise Warrior God from 4th Heaven

Ragnar - Wise Warrior God from 4th Heaven fantasy art
Artwork by JayAxer
Ragnar - A half demon half god warrior who has taken over the entire realm of 4th heaven.

Army - Has purchased the souls of millions of humans over the centuries (he is immortal)
and every time one dies he snatches them up and turns them into Spirit soldiers. He gives the humans spirit the right to possess its old dead body but only to fight for Ragnar and do his bidding. Though his army is comprised of weak humans the sheer number (2.3 million and counting) makes him a force to be reckoned with.

First seen in battle - When an immortal is born half demon half god he is allowed, on his 100th birthday (which would be about 15 in human years) to fight his way into the first level of heaven or be sent to hell to torture human souls.

Two angels were sent to stop Ragnar but he had trained hard all his life and easily destroyed them both.

He quickly moved up the ranks of heaven. At the fourth level he was growing incredibly strong in fact he was the strongest warrior ever seen on this level.

After a bitter dispute with some of the weak pure gods who controlled all levels and took pleasure in demeaning the half breeds Ragnar smuggled a hell sword in from the lowest levels of hell. He went on an insane killing spree and killed thousands and thousands of beings. His rampage lasted for close to 29 days of pure carnage. Being immortal he did not stop to rest long and at the end of the month a mountain of bodies lay piled up like so much garbage and the wise 20 or 30 thousand had their lives spared in return for loyalty to the war lord Ragnar.

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