Mar 31, 2011

Land shark gun - Armed and Dangerous

An innovative and entertaining weapon available only in the video game "Armed and Dangerous" by LucasArts.

Firing this gun once sends a gigantic blood thirsty shark that rips through the ground as though it were water and preys on the enemy soldiers that threaten you.

Each shark fired can eat multiple enemies. The enemies pause and say "Who's there?" a second before the ravenous shark lunges out of the ground and devours anyone in its path.

This is a very unique video game weapon and took a creative mind to manifest it.

(Below) Pictures of the ammo and what the shark looks like when fully exposed

A video gamer in the video below demonstrates multiple enemy kills using the Land shark gun in the popular video game Armed and Dangerous
Box cover of Armed and Dangerous below and the main character is holding the land shark gun
Land shark gun - Armed and Dangerous video game box cover art

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