Mar 4, 2011

Anti Tank Dogs of ww2 - Weird Weapons

Anti Tank Dogs of ww2 - Weird Weapons
With an Army of human soldiers sacrificing their lives for the sake of war why not throw a few dogs in the mix.

Long story short: They teach the dogs to look for food under tanks and then deprive them of food for days before an invasion. The dogs were strapped with explosives with a foot and a half long pole sticking straight up on the back. The dog darts under the tank hungrily looking for food which triggers the explosives and destroys the tank
Anti Tank Dogs of ww2 - Weird Weapons
Soviet and Russian armies trained and used anti tank dogs in world war 2 against the Germans
Anti Tank Dogs of ww2 - Weird Weapons
Iraqi insurgents used dogs strapped with explosives in 2005 but had no success

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Pet Lover said...

Shows the utter dishonest and cruelness of Humans, sad to see these kind of pictures.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

im going to do that with my dog

Anonymous said...

brings a whole new meaning to " my dogs the bomb!!!"

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