Mar 13, 2011

Nuclear explosion mushroom cloud chart

Nuclear explosion mushroom cloud chart picture
The aftermath of Nuclear bombs is compared in the chart above. Seems like the mushroom cloud created from the fat man atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima would pale in comparison to the expected results of todays nuclear bombing power from around the world.

The Soviets Tsar Bomba ringing in at 50 megatons would be something of epic destruction. The cloud it would create would reach far into space. What a sight that would be to witness from a space shuttle.

Nuclear weapons technology has advanced so much in the last 2 decades that every military must and does have their own bombs. Scary to think the whole world could be wiped clean destroying human kind as we know it.

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Anonymous said...

USA & Japan are both still in the process of de-militarizing the stock piles and have turned their efforts to healers of the world as green tree conservative's. USA's nuclear reserve's are very, very low having just barely enough to defend the homeland considering population, area and what was built in the last few hundred years. The U.S poses no international threat. Russia's nuclear test was extreme but they have a right to test as much as everyone else and I'm not one to take away anyone's god given right as long as safety measures and post clean-up duties are incorporated to plan.

Duncan said...

actually the bomb dropped on Hiroshima was code named :little boy. the one dropped on Nagasaki was Fat man"

Anonymous said...

Replying to the top rated comment it is not Japan and the US it was then the Soviet Union and the US and the United states still has about 4,000 nuclear warheads, more than enough to destroy the world and Russia now about double that and China about the same as Russia.

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