Feb 25, 2011

Top 10 Weird Weapons

fire balloon bomb japanese world war two weapon
The last thing you want to see floating towards your house or not see...
anti tank dogs world war one weird weapons of war
Where's the animal rights activists when you need em. Smart but cruel inventions of war
5.5 cm is the world record for smallest handgun
Mafia's prototype cell phone weapon
4 inch Key chain pistol strange weapons
mini flare gun modification to a 22 pocket pistol
An interesting but now pointless shotgun weapon mod
5 shot ring pistol weird weapons strange
Fires 5 mm bullets, inspired Femme Fatale spy ring pistol and can be lethal at close range.
Not really designed as a weapon but the attack capabilities are endless. Check out this machine with a mind of its own
Nazi Sound Cannon world war one hitler
Death by sound. The Nazi's failed attempt at creating sound waves so powerful they could shake you apart from the inside. Read more about
Almost couldnt believe this brilliant knife. Originally created to protect divers against shark attacks but could be lethal in any battle

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Loved the anti-tank dog and the CO2 knife.
Maybe infantry men could use the knife to protect tanks, yield excellent images for the Alternate History Channel.

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