Feb 23, 2011

Railgun - Quake 4 - Video game weapons

Railgun Quake 4 Video game weapons
The rail gun fires a projectile that does incredible and sometimes fatal damage to the enemy. the only downside to this weapon is that it takes a really long time to reload between shots.
Above is a diagram I found on gamespy that points out the different features and functions. click the image to see a larger copy.

Rail gun Quake 4 Video game weapons
The amount of work that goes into designing a gamer gun is extensive. Besides having every minute detail to consider the gun must also function accordingly and provide a pleasant user experience. the 3d blueprint of the railgun above shows every little detail. This gun was desinged in 3-d max.

Railgun Quake 4 Video game weapons
I asked my nephew what his favorite video game weapon was and in a heartbeat he spat out the Rail gun from the video game Quake 3 and 4. But when I asked why he had no answer

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