Feb 10, 2011

Anyone know what the name of this gun is?

glock hand gun pistol

During a random gun image search on google I came across this beauty but the site its from is no longer around and I have no Idea what kind of gun this is. I think its glock but im really not sure.

Anyone out there who knows what type of gun this is please leave me a comment and let me know. thanks all

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Anonymous said...

its an MP5SD

JK said...

thanks pal. I want it

Anonymous said...

That is not an MP5SD. It looks more like and GSG .22 version of an MP5SK ( it has a pistol grip with no stock and no integral suppressor) The magazine is not for 9mm rounds which the MP5 series is most well known for using. STill try century arms or German Sporting Guns (GSG) I bet you find the weapon in question.

Pdot said...

It kind of looks like an MP5 PDW without the vertical fore grip

Anonymous said...

It is an H&K model SP89. It is a pistol answer to the 1989 assault weapons ban in California. I have one and though very heavy they are a nice quality unit.

Anonymous said...

It's an SP89, a civilian model MP5. Differences between this and a real MP5 are the lack of a paddle magazine release, butt plate, and different forend.

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