Sep 27, 2010

AK-47 assault rifle Best Price and review - Gun Shop

Low level used AK-47 price: $800 - 1000
Brand new AK with weapon mods: $1200 up to $12K
sexy ak 47 assault rifle
High quality Bulgarian AK-47, Caliber 7.62X39, 1- 30RD Magazine, accepts all AK-47 mags, BLACK SYNTHETIC STOCK.

Romanian AK-47 Assault Rifles
Romanian AK-47 Assault Rifles
These are some of the higher quality east-european imported ak-47 assault rifles. Imported and assembled in various grades and condition. Built to US legal requirements.


Arsenal AK-47 assault rifles

ak-47 assault rifle for sale

Arsenal Inc, exclusive US Manufacturers of the finest and most authentic examples of the time proven AK-47 assault rifle design, utilize the latest technology and materials to sustain the legendary Arsenal of Bulgaria reputation for quality.

AK-47 Assault rifle Inter Ordnance_________________________________
AK-47 Assault rifle Inter Ordnance

AK-47 Magazines___________________________________
ak-47 magazine clip bullets
The ak-47 assault rifles are among the most reliable weapons to date. Any of the links above take you to the impact guns website which provides the lowest prices and the most secure gun sales among online gun shops. This gun shop web site is not a dealer of ak-47 rifles nor will it ever be. AK-47's purchased from the affiliated website has nothing to do with the gun shop website besides providing the initial link from the gun shop to the weapons website.
Please use your AK-47 or any other weapons responsibly and always practice gun safety.

Here is a video if you are interested in learning about the history of the AK-47 assault rifle

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ak-47 king said...

If I had to go to war right now and could only bring one gun.. the ak-47 would be my choice

RichardE said...

you would get shot with my m4 of course assuming it didn't jam :P

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