Jan 8, 2009

Man dies of gun wounds 35 years after being shot

man dies from gunshot wounds 35 years later pic
Wednesday January 7, 2009
-Craig Buford was just 19 years old when he went to pick up a girlfriend from school in Denver and wound up in a card game with some other guys gathered at the campus parking lot.
He won some money and one of the guys he was gambling with demanded his money back. Craig refused, and the suspect took out his gun and shot him.

-Despite his injuries, he was able to drive himself to a local hospital and informet the police of the 17-year-old suspect who shot him. Craig was later released from the hospital in good health, and moved on with his life, left Colorado and moved to Seattle, and finally settled down in Texas.

-He got married and rarely talked about the day he was shot all those years ago.

-And then in December, the now 54-year-old Buford began having health problems. He went into the hospital where doctors performed surgery and discovered that his colon had ruptured.

-He died December 29th and doctors say it was the result of organ failure from complications of the bullet wound inflicted all those years ago.

-Now authorities have a new problem. They've ruled his death a homicide but can't find the man they believe pulled the trigger. Computer records are non-existent from 1973 and many of the files on what was then a non-fatal incident have long since disappeared. And police fear they may never be able to charge anyone in connection to the man's death.

-"After 35 years has passed, that might be a pretty tall order," admits Lynn Kimbrough of the Denver District Attorney's Office.
His widow, already reeling from the loss of her spouse, is stunned that her husband's death is being called a murder. "He never had any serious health problems, so I was a little surprised to hear all this homicide business after all these years," Carolyn Buford told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

-Buford adds her husband never made a big deal about the incident, and even ran into the suspect once later in life. "He said the guy was kind of scared about seeing him," she told the paper. "He told him, 'Just forget about it. It's over with."'
But as his death proves, it really wasn't.
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cPanel Hosting said...

This is what i can say a Bad Luck.. :(

AutoSpector Inspections said...

How did the hospital not pick up on the damage to the intestine originally? I don't get it.

myth buster said...

There's a law that forbids the killer from being criminally liable for this man's death because he survived more than three years after the assault. Legally, you can't establish a causal connection between the gunshot wound and the victim's death because too much time passed.

Ruby said...

This is bad luck i said.. :(


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