Jan 6, 2009

Cell Phone Pistol

-A man in Naples, Italy created this cell phone look-alike that was recently confiscated by the Italian police in a raid on a mafia family. The "phone" that even featured a fake screen display
turned out to be a .22 caliber pistol

The phone becomes a gun by sliding the keypad, making the stubby antenna the barrel. It is fired by touching a key on the keypad

-A police spokesman said: 'This is the first time such a weapon has been seized and shows the sophistication that the crime syndicates are turning to. 'Tests are being carried out to see if it has been used recently or has been involved in any shooting attacks.' The raid in a Naples suburb was part of an operation against the Gionta crime family of the Camorra, the port city's version of the Mafia.

The 22 cal cell phone gun video

If they can turn cell phones into guns I guess they could turn almost anything into a gun. Or any item into some sort of a weapon.


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duncan said...

I bet you could get arrested and the police would just think this is your cell phone not a gun

cPanel Hosting said...

IMO it is a good weapon to tackle criminals.

TechGyo said...

Awesome invension!! Great to know about this weapon in Phone!! Thanks for sharing. You rock

Anonymous said...

New toy for USA public schools students. War will begin in the USA next school year. This is just a warning, Take all cell phones out of public schools in America.

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