Jul 9, 2012

New weapons technology violates human rights

The Uk's Royal society has released information regarding a controversial new weapons testing that involves technology that scans the brain and determines areas that can be altered by either sound or electronics or perhaps even a gas.

The best effect this weapon could have is to disable the soldier or terrorist or whatever enemy temporarily.
Rumor has it that testing has been going on below the human rights radar and the results have been lethal and inhumane. 

Apr 2, 2012

The sexy Trident missile

Fired from a small perch in the middle of a large bed of water the Trident missile was launched by yours truly. My Russian friend insured me the missile would detonate harmlessly as it was armed with only a small amount of explosives

Epic weapons trip

I have just returned from a great trip to Russia where I had my hands on so many weapons and technological advances in warfare that it made my head spin

Feb 21, 2012

Hand signs for military and police close range engagement

The next time you are up against your local swat team you will be able to translate their hand signals to figure out what they are saying.
Click pic for full size view
I have read that many military groups and police task forces develop their own unique form of silent communication but the above chart is the basic guide.
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